Achievement Motivation & Time Management


Having goals that are motivating, clear, and written , and then being able to plan and manage your time in ways that enable you to gather the resources and take the actions necessary to achieve them

Achievement motivation and time management accounts for about 25% of your power to succeed. For example, a study in 1953 found that only 3% of the students graduating from Yale that year had written goals and specific plans for reaching them. Twenty years later, the 3% who had written goals were earning more money as a group than the entire other 97%!





Personal Success Organizer

by Brent R. Evans
The only time management system designed to increase learning ability and promote personal and family development.  Ideal for professionals, parents, families, adults, and children.


Focus on what is really important.

Increase motivation.

Build positive relationships.

Encourage teamwork.

Gather effective resources.

Boost IQ and important learning skills.

Develop character and positive success habits.

with Binder

Overview of the Winner Personal Success Organizer





Personal Success Organizer

by Brent R. Evans


Same as above, but slimmer binder, less space for daily planning, and without the extensive explanation pages found in the regular Winner.


with Binder





FOREVER CALENDAR - all year round

This poster calendar is never out of date.  It gives a visual perspective of the whole year, promotes time appreciation, and provides a visual demonstration of time concepts for children.  Because of its special design, it is never out of date.


Write your most important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. once and they are always there. 



Boost the Power of Your Franklin, Daytimer, or Other Current Time Management System with Learning Success filler sheets and modules


Winner Day Pages - full year ($19.95)

Winner Week Pages - full year ($6.95)

Deluxe Padded Binder 1 3/8 ring - brown/ burgundy  ($17.95)

Junior Binder - 1 inch ring - blue or burgundy ($12.95)

Storage Binder - 2 1/2 inch ring - marbled blue ($6.95)

Program Binder - 1 inch ring - marbled blue  ($6.95)

Monthly Calendars w/ symbol strips - full year  ($1.95)

Mission/Values/Goals Success packet  ($4.95)

Roles/Traits Success packet ($4.95)

Memory Squares packet ($4.95)

Habit Planner Success packet ($4.95)

Project Planner Success packet ($4.95)

Hobbies/Talents/Interests Success Packet (4.95)

Financial Success packet ($7.95)

Address/Phone packet ($3.50)

To-Do Lists - set of 50 ($3.50)

Assignment Planners - set of 50 ($3.50)

Things Needed - set of 50 ($3.50)

Study Buddy Program sheets - set of 25 ($3.50)

Week-at-a-Glance Pages - full year ($3.50)

Lined Paper - set of 50 ($3.50)

Family Time Agendas ($3.50)

Daily Check List - set of 30 ($3.50)

Page Finder ($2.50)

Monthly Calendar Tabs - 12 per set ($5.95)

Colored WINNER Section Divider Tabs

Miscellaneous Subject Tabs - 5 per set ($2.95)

Plastic Sheet Protector - ($1.50)

Numbered Tabs - 31 per set ($8.95)

Page Lifter - ($1.00)

Family Time Planner Packet - ($7.95)

Achieving Financial Success Packet - ($7.95)

Increasing School Success Packet - ($14.95)




Writing Your Mission Statement

Not have a carefully considered, written mission statement is like ships without a lighthouse to guide them to success & safety.


Picture Your Goals & Dreams

Whatever goals & dreams you can visualize, you can achieve.

How Much Happiness Do You Want?

Why are some people almost always ecstatically happy regardless of circumstances? This is a fantastic game in which you learn how to arrange your mind for happiness. Families can arrange their "group mind" to make happiness a way of life.

Increasing Your Probability of Success

Whatever you want, there are principles (cause & effect relationships or keys) connected to achieving
it. Learn and apply those principles and you increase your probability of success.

How To Capture a Book or Topic
& Make It Yours

You buy a book or attend a class in the hope it will help you reach your goals. But most people learn & retain 4% or less of what they read or hear.  With this method you will retain & apply 120% or more!

By Mastering a Book

Use this game to master any self-improvement book and successfully apply whatever you decide is important!



Using the Power of the Rubber Band

The power or energy you produce when you hold one end of a rubber band and stretch it with the other end is similar to the power generated when you hold in your mind at the same time your situation as it now exists along with a future you strongly desire.

How Much of Your Goals
Do You Want?

To a large extent we choose the life we live by setting goals & achieving them.  Of course, some people just let life happen and take what comes good or bad. But if you think life is too important to be left completely by chance you will be interested in learning how to boost your goal-achievement power!


Introduces you to 13 of the most powerful key success ideas, strategies, and tools research has available today.

Learning Success Guide to How to Think Better & Grow Richer Game

Power of Aladdin's Lamp

Achievement Motivation & Time Management Evaluation Sheet

Winning Past Fear Planning Sheet

Activities to Make Achieving Goals Fun

Time Activity Log

Learning Success Achievement Award Directions

Application for Achievement Award

Shared Vision and Team Learning