1.  SHARE WINNER Personal Success Organizer Progress or Share Other Progress & Victories - Take time for members of the family to share how they are doing with their WINNER programs.  You might concentrate on a different section each time.  The first week, you might talk with each other about Mission Statements/ Values/ Goals.  The next week, you could take time with Roles and Relationships, etc.  Each section of the WINNER provides a new stimulus for an enjoyable and meaningful evening.


2.  GOAL-A-WEEK - Challenge each member of your family to accomplish at least one goal a week.  Refer to the Values/Goals Section of your WINNER.  You could start with a family goal the first week, a social goal the second week, and continue with a different type of goal each week, or you may wish to stick with one type of goal for several weeks.


3.  FIRST PERSON TO REACH A GOAL - Family members compete to be first to accomplish a goal during the week.  Agree on goals each person will try to achieve as part of the competition.  Also, see who comes in second and third.  Record the results on your family bulletin board.  Next week, new contest.


4.  100% GOAL-ACHIEVEMENT RATING - Challenge your family to earn a 100% goal-achievement rating.  That happens when everyone in the family reaches a pre-selected goal during the week.  Celebrate the achievement with a special activity or reward.  For example, "When we earn a 100% goal-achievement rating, we will go roller skating."


5.  TEAMS OR PARTNERS - Family members pair up as partners or form teams.  Each person selects his or her own goal to achieve during the week.  Partners or members of a team support and help each other.  A team wins when everyone on the team successfully achieves his or her goal.  Later, discuss how team members helped each other be successful.  Give a chance to express appreciation for each other's support.


6.  VICTORY CELEBRATIONS - Make it a habit to celebrate the major goal achievements of family members with victory celebrations.  Have some cookies and punch, go to a show, or do something else special as a way of celebrating someone's recent success.


7.  SPECIAL BREAKFAST FOR ACHIEVERS - At the end of the week, have all family members who failed to reach their pre-selected goals fix a special breakfast for those members of the family who were successful.  Go out to breakfast if everyone is successful.


8.  STRENGTH LISTS - Each person lists his or her most satisfying experiences or achievements.  The longer the list, the better.  It is best to list these on paper large enough for everyone to see.  Share lists, and talk about what it was about them that were so enjoyable or fulfilling.  Try to help each person add to his or her list.  Talk about the types of experiences or achievements desired in the future.


9.  TALK ABOUT EACH OTHER'S SUCCESSES - Make it a habit to talk about each other's successes.  It really helps to hear people important to us value our accomplishments.  You might want to schedule special times or evenings with the rule that you can only talk about the achievements and success stories of each other, but not your own unless brought up by someone else first.


10.  FAMILY SUCCESS HABITS - Decide as a family on a success habit to acquire.  Discuss the meaning of the selected habit, and get everyone's commitment to practice it during the coming week.  See the Habit Section of your WINNER.  Print out a Positive Practice Chart from this website. Each section of (Physical Fitness & Well-being, Spiritual Fitness & Well-being, Intelligence, Achievement Motivation and Time Management, Character Traits, Learning Strategies and Support Systems, Reading, Writing, Math, Knowledge Intelligence, Family Success, Family History & Legacy) contains lists of principles and habits from which to choose.


11.  FAMILY SUCCESS BULLETIN BOARD - Start a Family Success Bulletin Board.  Post papers, pictures, drawings, positive comments, appreciation notes, and individual or  family accomplishments.


12.  LETTER TO GRANDPARENTS & Other Relatives or Mutual Friends - Write letters to your children's grandparents indicating the goals the children have successfully achieved during the month.  The grandparents could be encouraged to write back and express their congratulations.


13.  ROYALTY DAY - Each person reaching his or her goal for the week becomes eligible to be King or Queen for a Day.  Plan ahead what that means.


14.  HIGHLIGHT EACH OTHER - Take turns being highlighted by the rest of the family for a week.  Everyone gives special support to that one member in his or her goal-achieving efforts.


15.  GOAL ACHIEVEMENT REVIEWS - Have special evenings for family members to share and review their WINNER Value/Goal Sections, and talk about the goals they are going to work on next.  Write these on your Family Success Bulletin Board as a reminder of who is working on what.  Indicate desire to support each other.


16.  ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS - Introduce the Learning Success Achievement Award Program.  Go through the award application and how to do each step.  Each member of the family could try for an individual award, or you could work together to achieve one as a family.


17.  STICKERS - Put each person's name on your Family Success Bulletin Board.  Whenever a member of your family reaches a goal, place a favorite sticker after his or her name.  Write something about the goal just below the sticker.  It will be fun to see the rows of stickers grow.


18.  GOAL PLANNER CARDS - Print out the Goal Planner Cards available in this section or order a set. They are designed to help keep everyone on task during goal achievement planning.  Keep them in a WINNER Storage Binder.  Hold the binder, or place it, in a manner so everyone can see the cards as you turn to them for each step.  The Cards follow exactly the directions for the Goal Planner Sheets in your WINNER Value/Goal Section.


19.  ACHIEVEMENT TIME LINES - Each participant makes a poster showing a time line of his achievements.  He should start off with early achievements, such as learning how to sit up, walk, talk, ride a bicycle, read, etc.  His time line should go to the present, indicate some current goals, and possibly project some goals for the future. 


20.  RECORDING MEMORIES - Take photos of things related to achievements.  Keep them in a special binder or family photo album with story captions.  If you have a camcorder, it would be easy to have a special tape to record each person's achievements through the years.  The possibilities are limitless: learning to walk or talk, art and craft projects with explanations of how they were done, best school papers, sporting events, talks, plays, musical performances, graduations, dances, contests, room  arrangements and decorations, etc.


21.  USE A DIGITAL CAMERA TO REINFORCE SUCCESS - Have a small, economical digital camera easily available for the family. When someone is proud of something, has completed a job particularly well, or has achieved a success, get a digital picture of it so it can be shared later and talked about.


22.  REWARD COUPONS - As a family, come up with ideas for coupons that could be filled out indicating rewards for achieving individual or family goals.  We have included a set of blank coupons you may use.  Simply write the desired rewards on them.  Some examples of rewards are:

Out for pizza

Date with Dad

Date with Mom

Special dessert

Room painted

Points toward desired purchase

Freedom from chores for a day    


Barbecue at the park

Fishing trip

Night at the movies

Money added to your savings account

Friend over, with snacks provided

Rent a video and make popcorn


 Think of coupons that fit your family's interests and ways of doing things.