How to Boost the Power of Your School to Make Every Student, Teacher, and Parent a Winner!



Connecting Learners with Success Opportunities
by Brent Evans

 Get Education Out of the Box and Free All Learners From the Unnecessary Limitations Imposed by an Outdated, Primitive Education System.


Brent R. Evans

About the Author

The following are first chapters in draft form. Your input and suggestions are greatly valued.

Ch 1: What Caused Great Boosts in Educational Achievement in the Past?

Ch 2: The Power of Systems to Boost Success

Ch 3: Lack of Systems Management Has Kept a Lid on Student Achievement

Ch 4: Why Educational Reform Has Been So Difficult

Ch 5: Systems Boost Our Understanding of What is Needed for Learning Success

Ch 6: How to Build An Intelligent Education System that Empowers All Learners

Ch 7: Developing a National Infrastructure for Learning Empowerment

Ch 8: The Individual Learner as an Intelligent Learning System

Ch 9: Connecting the Learner with the Power of the School

Ch 10: Connecting the Learner with the Power of the Family

Ch 11: Connecting the Learner with the Power of Community Organizations

Supportive Article: Using Systems Management to Empower Education

Boosting School Empowerment Bibliography