Brent R. Evans

I have been an educator for 37 years, mostly with the Cupertino School District in California.  I have experience at the K-6, junior high, high school, and adult education levels, including 6 years as a teacher-counselor, and 17 years a resource specialist working with learning disabled children and their teachers and parents.  I am a father of 8, grandfather of 24, and a great grandfather of 5 so far!

I have always been excited about family, and as the Educational Consultant for the Quaker Oats Company, created two highly successful family learning programs, published on their Life Cereal and King Vitaman Cereal boxes for several years.  The Life Cereal Program introduced habits for parents that would help their children excel, a second section to develop I.Q. Skills, and a third to promote reading, and later math.  Easy and fun activities and games supported each section.  The King Vitaman Program involved children writing to me (King Vitaman) about their learning problems.  I would pick out an interesting letter to answer, and that child's picture was put on the front of the cereal box.  The back of the cereal box was filled with games and activities in answer to that letter.  Games and activities were mailed to all children who wrote in.

Later, I wrote and published game books:  Reading Games for School Success, Writing Games for School Success, and Math Games for School Success.  Each book shows parents the key skills needed from pre-school through junior high, quick tests to check each skill, a record sheet to track progress, and specific games to develop each skill.

I have recently finished and began publishing a time management system called the WINNER Personal Success Organizer.  It is based on what I call THE SUCCESS EQUATION:  I.Q. + Achievement Motivation & Time Management + Character Traits + Strategies & Support = SUCCESS.  What is neat is that success can mean whatever a person wants it to be.  Along with Day Planning Pages and Monthly Calendars, The WINNER includes tools for developing a personal and/or family mission statement, determining values and setting goals, building relationships, acquiring success habits, organizing the completion of projects, increasing learning power and memory skills, increasing school or career success, family development, learning and using principles of financial success, exploring hobbies and developing talents, and an address/phone section.

Most recently, and after more than twenty years of research and testing activities with children and families, I have been finishing other books:

I.Q. Boosters: A Complete Program to Increase Your Family's I.Q. Through Time Management, Habits, Activities, and Games

Character Boosters:  A Complete Program to Teach and Learn 52 Success Habits Through Stories, Games, Teaching Tools, Quotations, and Poems

My background also includes 15 years as an organizational development specialist as part of a Cupertino School Effectiveness Cadre and 17 years as a city commissioner for the City of Campbell.  In recent years I have studied computer programming and publishing, and training on use of telecommunications and other multi-media and their potential in education and personal development.