Capitalization Rules & Examples

 To use this section as a test,
dictate the sentences for the player to write.



1.  First letter in own name.

Tom     Ben      Mary    Sally

(1st grade)

2.  First word in a sentence.

The dog ran fast.
You can go.
Do you like milk?

  3.  The word "I".

Sam and I like to play.
The horse I rode was fast.
I like you.

  4.  Names of people and pets.

I like Bob and Jim.
Did you see Linda today?
The name of my dog is Tuffy.

  5.  Days of the week.

Can you come over on Tuesday?
School starts next Monday.
We get a vacation this Friday.

  6.  Months of the year.

My birthday is in April.
There are 28 days in February.
The first month of the year is January.

(2nd grade)

7.  Names of streets.

I live on Blaney Avenue.
He drove down Madison Street.
He waited at the corner of Baker Street and Johnson Avenue.

  8.  Cities, states, and nations.

I live in Cupertino.
The letter was sent from San Francisco.
I have lived in Kansas, Texas, and California.
My mother was born in Chicago, Illinois.
The treaty was signed by France, Italy, and Japan.
I live in the United States.


  9.  Holidays.

Soon it will be Halloween.
My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
She is coming on Easter.

  10.  Titles of respect.

We want to see Dr. Smith.
When will Mr. and Mrs. Smith be home?
The letter was for Ms. Johnson.
It was Judge Martin.
This was Reverend Hadley's book.
We saw Governor Brown.

(3rd grade)

11.  First word in each line of poetry.

Once I made some candy
Which my mother said was fudge.
I put it in the ice-box
And thought it would not budge.
But to my surprise on the next day
The candy had all gone away.

  12.  First word in the greeting and close of a letter.

Dear Dorothy,
          How was your party?
                                   See you soon,

Dear John,
          Guess what happened today?
                                   Yours truly,
                                                Bill Smith

  13.  Initials of names.

We elected H.R. Brown as chairperson.
Please send Mary S. Jones our thanks.
Is Mr. B.T. Barnum in?

  14.  First word and every important word in the titles of books, stories, poems, songs, plays, and reports.

I think "The Wizard of Oz" was fun to read.
Please watch "The Brady Bunch" tonight on television.
The title of my poem is "It Could Be."

  15.  Names of particular places and things. (Some have already been identified previously.)

I go to Portal School.
We call ourselves the Purple Panthers.
We saw the Empire State Building.
I want to go to Yellowstone Park.

(4th grade)

16.  Names of persons or words used as names.

Did you send a letter to Grandmother Jones?
I want Mother to go with me.
I think Daddy is home.
I love Grandpa.

  17.  Nationalities and words formed from names of places.

The Mexican people were very kind to us.
The American ambassador to France arrived today.
Do you know how to speak Chinese?

(5th grade)

18.  First word of a direct quotation.

Jim said, "Do you want a new book?"
Mary shouted, "Look out!"
He answered, "No, I never did."

(6th grade)

19.  Appropriate capital letters and small letters when constructing an outline.

Title: How to Take a Test

I. Before the Test:

A. Consider it a game between you and the teacher.

B. Try to guess what questions will be asked.

1. Can you answer them?

2. Check your answers with your notes or the book.

C. Review your notes.

D. Look up and read again anything not clear to you.

E. Go to bed early the night before the test.

II. During the Test: