Dental Health


The Total Success Memory Game is designed to boost your ability to learn and remember.  It puts into play powerful learning and memory principles in a fun and interesting way.  It can be used to learn and remember whatever you determine is important to you. In this game, you will learn important dental health principles and how they affect not only your smile and dental health, but also has a huge impact on your general health.
The playing board is composed of association pictures from 1 - 10.  The ten pictures rhyme with the numbers 1 - 10. The pictures become your pegs or filing system to help you memorize new information.  Beside the pictures in the spaces provided are important dental health principles and practices. For number one, which has the sun as the picture, is Dental Health looks and feels good. In your mind you might visually associate your picture with the sun.  Your picture might be the face of the sun or the sun might be admiring your beautiful face and smile.
How the Game is Played
Use 3 dice.  Decide if you want to play alone or with others.  If with others, do you want to play as a single team or as separate players in competition with each other?  It is up to you.
Roll the three dice.  Using any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division you need to come up with a one in order to place your marker on the first square.  If you are playing alone and are unsuccessful, simply roll again.  If playing in competition, the other player gets a turn before you get another chance.  You move from one square to the next by coming up with the right number for that square. Review the information as you reach each square and associate it with the picture.  Anytime you roll a double (2 dice the same) you are challenged to recall correctly all the squares up to and including the square you are on.  It does not have to be a complete explanation.  A key word will do.  If unsuccessful, player must move back a square. If you roll a triple (3 dice the same) you have to go back to the start if you are unable to name all the principles up to the square you are on.

Game continues until one of the players or teams wins by reaching the last square and takes a victory lap by successfully recalling all the squares correctly.



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