Family History and Legacy


A legacy is anything handed down from an ancestor to a descendant. Each one of us was given gifts handed down by those who came before. We know about the great love that parents have for their children, and grandparents have for their grandchildren. We have also seen the love great-grandparents have for their great-grandchildren. It may be assumed that this line of love extends back to all the generations before. Just think of it! You are loved by your whole line of ancestors. The more you learn about them, the greater will be your understanding of the gifts you have received. Many of the gifts are positive and helpful. You need to appreciate and take advantage of each of them. Some of the gifts, however, due to mistakes or problems of one or more of your ancestors may be potentially harmful. You need to recognize and overcome these unintentional gifts. You also need to consider the gifts or legacy you will give to your descendants or others that you care about. How can you enrich their lives by what you have learned or accomplished? How can you make their time on earth more fulfilling? What evidence will you give them as to who you were, what you experienced during your life, and the enduring love you have for them?

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