How Much Good News Do You Want?


The word gospel means Godís Story or Good News. How much good news do you want in your life? Would you be willing to get up and travel long distances to get it as the wise men did of old? Would you be willing to actively take some actions that could assure you of an increased amount of good news you could add to your journey through life? If so, read on.

We attend church classes, listen to inspirational talks, read the scriptures and other books so that we might learn more and more of what the gospel has to offer. We want to know what we can add to our lives and ways of doing things that can bring joy & fulfillment to ourselves and others and what we need to subtract or unload in order to avoid disappointment and failure in our earthly mission.

The problem is we forget almost all of what we hear or read before the day is through and often donít process what we have learned so it can fully take effect in our lives. What if there was a fun way to capture the most important parts of what we hear and read and to keep processing those parts until they are fully ours? What if we could translate those important parts into positive actions we want to take and habits we want to make as well as purposely discard current actions and habits that interfere with our well-being and progress?

Preparing Your How Much Good News Do You Want? Game Board

Have your game board out as you listen to a talk, attend a church class, read the scriptures or other inspirational books.

Be alert for actions or habits you are inspired to add to your life. Write these in the 13 black spaces at the top of the playing board. Just as valuable, if you become alert to an action or habit you currently have that you want to discard, write it in one of the 13 red spaces in the lower half of the playing board. Your spouse, other family members, or friends could do the same with their own playing boards. It is powerful to share and work on life changes with other people you care about and want to support. When you have completed filling out all 13 positive actions you want to add and 13 actions you want to discard, you are ready to play the game.

Directions for Playing the Game

Each player has his or her own game board. One deck of regular playing cards is needed if two players, two decks if four players, etc. Shuffle the cards and deal 13 face-up to each player. Player goes through the cards received, separates the black and the red cards, and places them in two horizontal rows (one for the black cards and one for the red cards) from lowest to highest. An ace is counted as a one, jacks as 11, queens as 12, and kings as 13. Player removes any black duplicate. For example, a player might have a 3 of spades and a 3 of clubs. One of the cards is turned back in to the dealer. Do the same with the red cards.

The object of the game is to obtain any black number cards missing and to remove any red cards.

Before actually starting the game, have players talk about their current game board situations. They name the black numbers they have and how thinking about those things they wrote in the spaces on their game board can increase their happiness and fulfillment of Heavenly Fatherís purpose for them. They then talk about the red numbers and how those actions and habits would be displeasing to Heavenly Father and would divert them from fulfilling their earthly mission.

Each player is given a pair of dice. Each player then announces a target black number he or she wishes to achieve or a red number he or she wishes to eliminate. On a roll, dice can be added or subtracted to reach the desired target number. Snake eyes (two ones) results in a 13. For example, one player might be trying to achieve a black 4. Another player may have announced his or her target as a red 10. No turns. All players roll their dice as quickly as they can. When a player achieves target number, he or she calls it out. All dice rolling is temporarily stopped while that player is given the desired black card or is able to remove the unwanted red one. The value of adding the black card or removing the red card in the playerís actual life should be briefly mentioned. Players then announce their new target numbers and play resumes. This continues until one player has achieved all 13 black numbers and has no red ones remaining.

Each player can use his or her game board as a personal program of building good news in the real game of life.

How Much Good News Do You Want? Game Board

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