How Much Learning Power Do You Want?

Learning strategies combined with parent encouragement habits and a school/home support system represents 25% of a personís potential learning power. This game is an excellent, fun way to get learners and their supporters aligned together for learning success.

Game Directions:

To play the game, each child (student) should have his or her own Learning Strategies Success Sheet which visually represents 12 powerful learning strategies. Each adult (e.g. parent or teacher) should have his or her own Encouragement Habits Success Sheet. On a turn, a player rolls two dice. He or she can add or subtract the dice to come up with a strategy or encouragement habit success number. If that strategy or habit has not already been achieved, player puts a token on that number visual or marks the evaluation box. He or she then announces the strategy or habit and why it is valuable to have. Players continue rolling dice and claiming skills until one player is able to achieve all 12. He or she is the winner. The other players then talk about the strategies or encouragement habits they have not achieved and the disadvantages of not having mastered them.

Learning Strategies Success Sheet

Encouragement Habit Success Sheet