Introduction to Math Games for School Success


Learning Success is very pleased to offer you this unique family learning program. Now, parents and teachers have available in one book quick tests to check key math skills along with easy-to-learn games designed to develop those skills. The tests are in the front of the book. They are followed by an extensive game section. Because the tests are in somewhat sequential order, and the games are easily adjusted to different age levels, parents and teachers will find the book valuable for all ages from pre-school through junior high. Record sheets are provided on which to track your child's progress. The age or grade level common for each skill or proficiency standard to be introduced is included to help evaluate growth. We at Learning success believe the home is the foundation of success. This is recognized by the great emphasis today in getting parents actively involved in their children’s education. Your MATH GAMES FOR SCHOOL SUCCESS gives you the tools to significantly increase your child’s math achievement. It does this by providing you with:


1.       A clear explanation of the sequence of math skills important for your child to learn from pre-school through junior high. 

2.       Simple tests to quickly evaluate what skills your child has learned and what he or she needs to learn next. 

3.       Fun games the whole family can enjoy to teach each math skill. The games are especially designed to put powerful learning principles and strategies to work for your child. 


Look how even a 5% increase in your child's learning rate over the school years

can result in your child's achievement by the 10th grade

being 3 or more years above what it would have been

without extra home support. Think what that would mean to your child

and the opportunities it would open for the rest of his or her life!


It is important, too, that as your child grows and develops, he or she does not skip any basic math skills that would interfere with his or her future math success.  Your MATH GAMES FOR SCHOOL SUCCESS will keep you continually up-to-date on your child’s progress.  It will give you time to head off problems before they occur.  Problems that already now exist can be quickly acted upon.  Success at school increases a child’s motivation to work harder, and being better prepared enables him or her to learn more from the instruction given at school.  This book can also provide teachers, counselors, special education teachers, and other school personnel with the tools to provide extra power to their programs and their ability to meet individual student needs.

Whether used at school or at home, we suggest you schedule one hour a week to enjoy the program with your children.  This could include doing a bit of testing, recording the results, and playing one or more of the suggested games.  The children will take it from there.  You will often see them playing a game you introduced, or asking you to play.








ã Copyright 2000 by Brent R. Evans Published by Learning Success