Introduction to Physical Boosters


Who is in charge of your life? You or your body? Your answer to this question has tremendous implications to your success and quality of life. If you are in charge, you can learn and apply powerful health and physical fitness principles that can enable you to feel better, look better, be stronger, have more energy and zest for life, live longer, and be less susceptible to disease. If you do acquire a disability or disease, you will be better able to limit any negative effects and be able to appreciate and take full advantage of what life still has available.

But even more is at stake. If you are in charge, you can learn and apply all of the principles and laws of success in every area of your life.


Table of Contents

  1. The Importance of the Family in Developing Good Physical Fitness Behaviors

  2. Fifty-two Key Physical Fitness Habits

  3. Positive Practice Charts for Habit Development

  4. President's Physical Fitness Awards

  5. Fitness Forms

  6. The Importance of Games and Activities in Achieving and Maintaining Physical Fitness


Games and Activities to Develop:

  1. Good Nutrition

  2. Body and Directional Awareness

  3. Visual and Fine Motor Control

  4. Balance and Coordination

  5. Strength, Energy, and Endurance

  6. Running and Jumping

  7. Throwing and Catching

  8. Sports Skill Development

  9. Party and Indoor Games

  10. Rhythm and Dance