Read the introductory chapter to IQ Boosters by Brent Evans. This book contains over 950 games and activities to increase the IQ of everyone in your family. It is available for purchase for $49.95. After reading the introductory chapter, print out the IQ Skills Success Sheet.  It visually identifies the

 13 key IQ skill areas.  The second page explains each skill along with a sample question or challenge that would represent that skill in action.

Notice the small box in each skill area visual. It is there to record each skill area evaluation from test results (such as IQ tests given at school) or observation. The IQ skills success sheets can also be used to play the IQ Boosters game.

IQ Boosters Game Directions:

To play the game, each player should have his or her own IQ Skills Success Sheet. On a turn, a player rolls two dice. He or she can add or subtract the dice to come up with an IQ Skill number. If that skill has not already been achieved, player puts a token on that skill number visual or marks the evaluation box. He or she then announces the skill and why it is valuable to have. Players continue rolling dice and claiming skills until one player is able to achieve all 13. He or she is the winner. The other players then talk about the skills they have not achieved and the disadvantages of not having mastered them.

As a follow-up, make playing IQ games a regular part of your family fun times. Click here for:  Sample Games for each IQ Skill Area