Last Three Commandments Given by the Great Toltec Spiritual Leader Quetzalcoatl to His Followers


Quetzalcoatl is considered the key figure in the development of the spiritual culture of the Toltecs in ancient America.

And this is my final word, that which will identify you as my followers and friends, Ö.

I wish to entrust to you only three commandments:

The first is that you try with all eagerness to make friends with the one who is everywhere in everyone at each moment, for he is night and wind and Lord of the intimate living. Beware that through your engagement in this task you do not become arrogant, anxious, or cowardly, but rather remain humble at heart, laying all your hopes in the Supreme Being and daring to sustain His prescriptions.

The second thing that you must remember is to be at peace with all men; do not offend anyone; respect everyone. Do not shame another man for any reason. Be calm; let others say of you whatever they will. Be quiet and do not respond, even if they attack you. That is how you will show your virile condition and your nobility, and everyone will know that you are a trustworthy representative of me. All of this is accomplished by actively training yourselves in the practice of peace.

And the third thing that I ask of you is this: Donít waste the time that the Supreme Being has given you on this earth. Busy yourselves night and day with that which is good. Do not despise time .... Make the best of your lives.

Enough of this. This was my mission. From now on, do as you please. Every man will acquire excellence for himself and will conquer life.

That is how he finished his exhortation. And the disciples took his words to their hearts, to repeat them later among all their friends.

Source: Diaz, Frank. (2002). The Gospel of the Toltecs: The Life and Teachings of Quetzalcoatl. Rochester, Vermont: Bear & Company. Original source material: Huehuetahtolli de Padre Olmos and Suma indiana