Game Nights, and Talk-Abouts for Health, Wealth, & School Success

Life-Changing Success Games by Brent Evans Can Help You and Your Family Live the Best Life Possible!

Usual learning methods result in an average 4% retention. Check it out yourself. Take a book you have read or a workshop you have attended in the last year or two. How much do you remember and how much have you applied?

What if you could retain and apply everything you need to achieve your most treasured goals? What if you could do this while having fun and meaningful interactions with people you care about?

Below are some life-changing success games and tools to help you live the best life possible! Throughout this website you will find many other games and tools to help you in your quest for personal and family success. For a Planning for Success SheetClick Here.

Information can be obtained from reading books or listening to presentations, but most people soon forget what they receive in these passive situations. To make something life-changing, a person needs to have (1) all the key information available as needed, (2) process that information long enough to make the decision to apply it, and then (3) work with it long enough to be integrated into long-term memory and day-to-day activities.

Learning Success Life-Changing Success Games are designed so:

  • All the key information is visually available on one or two sheets.

  • Support materials are quick and easy to access.

  • Each game or tool enables the participants to process the information long enough to integrate it into long term memory.

  • The game boards and tools become a success program that can be monitored as the participants take each step necessary for success.

Review the games below and select the ones to start with first.





A great introduction to planning for the best life possible. Reveals how wealth, health, and yearnings work together to ensure a successful life.

For The Best Life Possible



Having sufficient resources to satisfy personal & family needs & yearnings while experiencing a fulfilling life.


Introduces you to 13 of the most powerful key success ideas, strategies, and tools research has available today.

Learning Success Guide to How to Think Better & Grow Richer Game


Leveraging True Wealth Game

Why do some people become wealthy, while others struggle to barely come up with the necessities of life? It is not a matter of chance that some people earn low wages while others earn many times that. Learn how to be financially successful and have the resources to live the life of your dreams! 

For other tools, games, and ideas go to the Financial Success section of this website.


Living 7 to 14+ extra years with energy & free from degenerative disease.


This is a fun, quick tool & activity  to motivate you to live a longer life, free from degenerative disease.


Introduces you to 20 of the most powerful health & vitality principles known to date.  Live a longer life free from degenerative disease by practicing these principles.

52 Key Physical Fitness Habits

Make it a regular habit to do those things that promote optimum health & vitality for every member of your family. Focus on one habit every week. Every year do the same. Visualize what this would mean to you and your family! Includes POSITIVE PRACTICE CHARTS.

"Living Longer"

You can decide to increase your healthy life expectancy by 7 to 14 years or more. This game shows you how!


For other tools, games, and ideas go to the Physical Fitness, Health & Well-being section of this website.


Do you have specific health concerns because of family history or early warning signs?

Over Breast & Prostate Cancer

What if you could reduce your probability of getting breast cancer from 1 in 8 to 1 in 40? Would it be worth following specific health principles? How about prostate cancer?


It is now estimated that 1 out of 3 children will get diabetes during their lifetime. Do you find that intolerable? It didn't use to be that way and it doesn't have to be that way now. We know what causes diabetes and we know how nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle working together can reduce the probability of getting diabetes or minimize the damage if you do get it.

Over Arthritis

If you don't take action, arthritis & back pain are likely to be in your future. It may already be an unwelcome part of your present. In either case, reduce the present and future pain in your life by learning & applying key health principles.

Dental Health

We are interested in your having the best life possible. Your dental health has an important role in making that happen.


For other tools, games, and ideas go to the Physical Fitness, Health & Well-being section of this website.


It is important for your health to engage in 30 minutes or more a day in fairly strenuous, sustained exercise or physical activity.

Games to: Develop
Balance & Coordination

Enjoy 35 different fun games for all Ages!


Games to: Develop
Running & Jumping

Enjoy 23 different fun games for all Ages!


Games to: Develop
Visual & Fine Motor Control

Enjoy 32 different fun games for all Ages!


Games to: Develop
Strength, Energy, & Endurance

Enjoy 31 different fun games for all Ages!



Games to: Develop
Throwing & Catching

Enjoy 40 different fun games for all Ages!


Party & Indoor Games

Enjoy 21 different fun games for all Ages!


Games to: Develop
Body & Directional Awareness

Enjoy 30 different fun games for all Ages!


Games to: Develop
Sports Skill Development

Enjoy 29
different fun
games for all


For other tools, games, and ideas go to the Physical Fitness, Health & Well-being section of this website.


It doesn't cost more to make sure you have optimum nutrition and eat healthy. Increase your eating enjoyment and live longer to enjoy it.

To revitalize your life

Have fun while you learn how a few simple eating habits can help you avoid harmful sugar spikes, fatigue, weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, and degenerative disease.

Best Nutritional Supplement Super-Championship Playoff Game

Most health experts recommend taking a nutritional food supplement each day for optimal health. But which nutritional food supplement is the best? How can you evaluate the ones available so you can make the best choice? This fun game will show you how to become a supplement choosing expert!

True Health Pyramid and Game

Certain eating & lifestyle habits can make the difference in your health and that of everyone in your family. This game is designed to help you evaluate what you are doing now & how to make achieving true health an enjoyable habit.

Games to:  Develop
Good Nutrition

Enjoy 23
different fun
instant games
for all Ages!

Winner's Food Challenge

Become a winner in health & nutrition. List 10 relatively unhealthy foods you eat regularly now. Then challenge yourself to finding a food for each one that you enjoy just as much or more and is better for you. Your reward for winning is increasing your probability of a longer life free from degenerative disease.

Life Attack!

Every day our bodies are under attack by evil doers that want to rob us of our energy & health and leave us with degenerative disease. Our bodies, though, have magnificent defense systems to ward off these attacks if given sufficient nutrients & anti-oxidants. In this game players take turns being attackers & defenders while learning important nutritional concepts.

For other tools, games, and ideas go to the Physical Fitness, Health & Well-being section of this website.


A strong desire or longing for the progressive fulfillment of your desires & goals and the realization of your ideal self.

Writing Your Mission Statement

Not have a carefully considered, written mission statement is like ships without a lighthouse to guide them to success & safety.


Picture Your Goals & Dreams

Whatever goals & dreams you can visualize, you can achieve.

How Much Happiness Do You Want?

Why are some people almost always ecstatically happy regardless of circumstances? This is a fantastic game in which you learn how to arrange your mind for happiness. Families can arrange their "group mind" to make happiness a way of life.

Increasing Your Probability of Success

Whatever you want, there are principles (cause & effect relationships or keys) connected to achieving
it. Learn and apply those principles and you increase your probability of success.

How To Capture a Book or Topic
& Make It Yours

You buy a book or attend a class in the hope it will help you reach your goals. But most people learn & retain 4% or less of what they read or hear.  With this method you will retain & apply 120% or more!

By Mastering a Book

Use this game to master any self-improvement book and successfully apply whatever you decide is important!

Using the Power of the Rubber Band

The power or energy you produce when you hold one end of a rubber band and stretch it with the other end is similar to the power generated when you hold in your mind at the same time your situation as it now exists along with a future you strongly desire.

How Much of Your Goals
Do You Want?

To a large extent we choose the life we live by setting goals & achieving them.  Of course, some people just let life happen and take what comes good or bad. But if you think life is too important to be left completely by chance you will be interested in learning how to boost your goal-achievement power!

For other tools, games, and ideas go to the Achievement Motivation section of this website.


The foundation for wealth, health, and fulfillment of yearnings is learning & school success.


What if you could increase your child's  and/or your own basic IQ by 10 to 30 points? What would that mean in school achievement, life decision-making, income & career success? Get the added benefit of keeping your brain healthy & reduce the chances of later-in-life memory problems & Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory Principles

This delightful game is designed to boost your ability to learn and remember any subject. The game itself puts into play powerful learning and memory principles in a fun and interesting way to learn and remember 20 of the most powerful learning principles research has discovered so far.

How Much Learning Power
Do You Want?

Have you noticed that boats make it a lot easier and faster to travel across the water? It's the same with Learning strategies combined with parent encouragement habits & a school/home support system. Why continue learning the hard way?

Power Study Boosters

It's not how long and hard you study, its how smart you study and how organized you are. 82 Power Study Boosters make your home a study center, strategies for doing your best in school, get the most from your textbooks, do your best on tests, and successfully complete projects and reports. Read a whole stack of books on how to study & you won't get as much as in this one easy to follow program.

Think & Go Game

What other game makes it fun and easy for adults and children of all ages to play together with each player learning what is currently important for him or her to learn.

This game makes it fun to learn anything!  Each player decides what he or she wants to learn at his or her own pace & level.

Learn Anything

The problem with many learning games is they are not pinpointed exactly to each player's needs and levels. Not so with this game! Players of all ages and abilities can play this game together. Perfect for parents to play with their children. The game also trains each player on how to learn and remember more effectively.

Parent Tools to Increase
School Success

What you do as parents in helping your children succeed in school and how well you align your efforts with that of the school makes the greatest difference of any other factor in actual student achievement.

Reading Boosters & Games for K-8

If you could increase your child's learning rate by only 5% over the school years, he or she would be 3 or more years advanced by the 10th grade.

Writing Boosters & Games for K-8

If you could increase your child's learning rate by only 5% over the school years, he or she would be 3 or more years advanced by the 10th grade.

Math Boosters & Games for K-8Teaching a Math Game

If you could increase your child's learning rate by only 5% over the school years, he or she would be 3 or more years advanced by the 10th grade.

Word Busters Games

4 board games include all the phonics you need to unlock words on your way to reading mastery.

Trail Blazer Games

4 board games include model words that represent the phonics you mastered in the Word Busters Games.


Spellbound means you are so fascinated or amazed you temporarily can't move, but in this series of games you will need to get over that fast in order to win. Learn just about everything you need for spelling success..

Math Tricks & Strategies

Amaze your friends & enemies with your supernatural math ability!

For other tools, games, and ideas go to the Learning & Success Strategies section of this website.


What enriches life more than meaningful relationships with family & friends?

Family Tree Game

Gain a greater appreciation for your family & ancestors. Do you realize that your entire line of ancestors were winners? Every single one of them were able to live and have children. If any of them had failed, you wouldn't be here!

Family Time Planning

It is important to have planned family time to enjoy each other, build successful family practices and traditions, and help each member learn & become his or her best. Too often, weeks, months, and years pass unfulfilled. Don't let it happen to you.

Important to Your Family's Success

If you read stacks of books and attend dozens of workshops on developing family success, you just might come up with many of the 52 powerful success principles we took over 30 years to discover and try out. So, save 30 years and get all 52 now.

Great Family Building Activities

There are a variety of fun & meaningful activities that can strengthen your family relationships & build a way of family living that promotes success, security, and happiness for all.

For other tools, games, and ideas go to the Family Success section of this website.