Learning Success Guide to
How to Think Better & Grow Richer
Working Draft - Dec.29, 2005


To apply the principles of How to Think Better & Grow Richer you need to choose a sport. Sport originally meant to (des) carry (porto) away. Loosely, it meant to carry away from work. Often, work is considered what one has to do, such as earn a living. Play or sport, on the other hand, is what you want to do for its intrinsic value and joy.  Outstanding results often occur when a person considers his or her business venture, occupation, mission, goal, work, or challenge to be a sport.


Here is an acronym to help you understand what a sport involves:

S - system - score

P - principles - points - profit

O - objectives - opportunities - organized - order - operations

R - responsive - rules

T - talent - teachable - team

It is important to choose a sport you enjoy. Time and energy spent in your chosen sport is not considered a cost, but rather a desire. That means you can become fully engaged in applying the principles of How to Think Better & Grow Richer.

If you value true health (living longer without degenerative disease) and true wealth (having the resources to do what you yearn to do) then USANA might be your ideal sport. Because you will be part of a team, you will be able to concentrate on playing your strengths while other team members with their strengths make a complete whole.

Principles are cause and effect relationships. Knowing and applying principles gives you the power to achieve what you want. The history of the world and the biographies of successful people are full of examples of how the discovery and use of principles resulted in great accomplishments. That was the basis of Napoleon Hill's book on How to Think & Grow Rich. He interviewed the top self-made millionaires of his time and discovered the principles they used to become wealthy. It is important to realize that the more principles you understand and use in your life the greater your probability of success will be. To help you learn how principles increase your probability of success, try the following activity:

*Increase Your Probability of Success http://www.learningsuccess.com/Increasing%20Your%20Probability%20of%20Success.pdf

1. Desire transformed into purpose is the starting point of all achievement & the first step toward personalized riches.

(Difference between desire and purpose. Example of a tree) 

Wright Brothers (example)

*Power of Aladdin’s Lamp http://www.learningsuccess.com/power_of_aladdin.htm

*Mission Statement  http://www.learningsuccess.com/writing_your_mission_statement.htm

2. Faith is God’s Learning System and its use makes everything possible.

F-ree agency


I-dentity & Act as if

T-ime Projection


*First principles of God’s Story 

*God's Learning System http://www.learningsuccess.com/God's%20Learning%20System.pdf

3. Autosuggestion. Setting up and aiming your intelligence system.

What is intelligence? I believe the best, most useful, definition of true intelligence is:

 the ability to learn and apply true principles to reach desired goals/purpose. Unless you know a person’s priority purposes, how could you determine what his or her intelligence was or how to increase that intelligence? What if you purpose was to become a great pianist? What would be the best intelligence to have? What about a great hunter or engineer or distance runner? Now you can see why the above definition of intelligence is so useful: the ability to learn and apply true principles to reach your goals/purpose.

(memory chart)

I have written an online book called Everyone Wins! Connecting Learners with Success Opportunities: Get Education Out of the Box and Free All Learners of the Unnecessary Limitations Imposed by an Outdated, Primitive Education System

The following link is to chapter 5 titled Systems Boost Our Understanding of What is Needed for Learning Success


4. Specialized Knowledge becomes Super IQ in the area of your interest.

Knowledge Intelligence Minimum wage + Knowledge Magic suitcase – more you put into it the more you can put into it.


*Systems Boost Our Understanding of What is Needed for Learning Success

(Leveraging True Wealth)

5. Imagination (Image–in–action)

Einstein method. Using your brain’s primary language (images).

Possibility Thinking.

Creative Thinking – Divergent and Convergent.

*Picture Your Goals & Dreams  http://www.learningsuccess.com/Picture%20Your%20Goals%20&%20Dreams.pdf

6. Organized Planning and daily action.

*Overview of the Winner Personal Success Organizer



*Achievement Motivation & Time Management Evaluation Sheet



*Visual Goal Planning Sheet using the Power of the Rubber Band  http://www.learningsuccess.com/Visual%20Goal%20Planning%20Sheet%20using%20the%20Power%20of%20the%20Rubber%20Band.pdf

7. Use the Power of Positive Character Traits.

Napoleon Hill points out two for special consideration:    Decisiveness & Persistence

*Introduction to Character Boosters



*List of 52 Character Traits



*Sample - Character Boosters #12 - Decisiveness



*Sample - Character Boosters #31 - Perseverance


8. Power of the Master Mind

Together Everyone Achieves More. 


E-dge & Enthusiasm

A-bilities & Appreciation

M-ission & Management

*Shared Vision and Team Learning  http://www.learningsuccess.com/Shared%20Vision%20and%20Team%20Learning.pdf

9. Mystery of Sex Transmutation.

Masculinity X Femininity = One

The two when combined are Complementary & Synergistic

 Humanness in its wholeness

10. Directing our Subconscious Mind.

Fill your mind with positive emotions and purposes.

Guard against negative emotions and fears.

Power of Prayer:

Praise – Re-aim – Ask – Yield

Your purposes and expectations determine how your potential powers will be used.

11. The Brain.

Build your brain to fit your purposes. (Why actions and attempts are important.)

*Change from 4% to 120%+ learning power.

*Learning/Teaching Wall & Power Shelf

*Capture sheets. (   )

*Total Success Memory Games  ( learning principles    )

Brain website

12. Developing the Sixth Sense.

Expand your thinking ability by building your sense of intuition and inspiration.

*Meditation & Learning to listen to the silence between the chatter.

*Increase sensitivity to intuition & inspiration by responding to it.

*The Power of Intention & Alignment with God’s (Life’s) Purposes. (GIFT) Oneness.

*Spiritual Boosters.(      )









13. The Six Ghosts of Fear.

Fantasized Expectations Appearing Real.

(1) Poverty (2) Criticism

(3) Ill health (4) Loss of Love

(5) Old Age (6) Death.

*Winning Past Fear Planning Sheets