Advantages of Learning Success Tutoring

  1. Friendly, fun, and positive atmosphere that builds self esteem and overcomes learning anxiety!
  2. We identify your child’s most important learning needs or objectives and establish his or her own personal success program. We don’t use the grind and grill methods used by other tutoring programs or a one-size-fits-all approach.
  3. We use a variety of learning methods and activities to increase learning rate and keep interest levels high.

Direct Teaching


Specific Learning Games

Manipulatives & Projects

Paper/Pencil Activities

Testing & Goal Challenges

  1. We provide on-going specific skills testing to pinpoint opportunities for maximum growth.

  2. We identify on-going learning prescriptions (activities and games) that can be used at home to support the achievement of your child’s goals.

  3. We consistently teach your child how to learn.

Key Activities & Strategies Promote and Revitalize Active Learning and the Thrill of Constantly Increasing the Power to Learn

Learning and Memory Boosters

Study Skills Checkup & Power Study Boosters

Reading Skills Checkup & Improvement Strategies

Writing Skills Checkup & Improvement Strategies

Math Booster Tricks, Strategies, and Amazements

Build IQ Skills and Overcome Learning Disabilities

  1. We teach parents the Twelve Most Powerful Encouragement Habits that Promote the best from their children. Your power as a parent increases each month that your child is in the program.

  2. Active School Advocacy to Promote the Best Use of Your Child’s School Resources.

Interpretation of School tests and other information

Explanation of extra School services that are rightfully yours, and how they may benefit your child

The most effective words and strategies to use to get the best for your child at his or her school

Support forms and letters to help your child succeed at school

Direct contact and co-planning with your school available

  1. Flexible plans and memberships assure greatest impact for your child.

One-on-One Tutoring

Small Group Instruction with personalized plans and activities

Center Membership with Personal Program using computer and activity-boosted learning

  1. Power Workshops and Personal Family Training available

IQ BOOSTERS - Increasing IQ Skills and Overcoming Learning Disabilities thru Personal & Family Activities & Games

TIME BOOSTERS - Increasing Adult, Child, and Family Success thru Achievement Motivation & Time Management Skills

CHARACTER BOOSTERS - Teaching Positive Character Traits and Success Habits with Family or School Activities, Projects, and Games

LEARNING STRATEGIES AND SUPPORT SYSTEMS - Super Learning Strategies and Powerful Parent Tools & Habits That Can Make an Instant Difference in Your Child’s Success.

READING & WRITING BOOSTERS - Developing Reading and Writing Skills thru Instant Games and Strategies

MATH BOOSTERS – Developing Math Skills thru Instant Games, Tricks, and Strategies

FAMILY SUCCESS TRAINING – 52 Key Principles that Empower Your Family

STEP: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting


  1. Free 1/2 hour Consultation