52 Key Spiritual Learning/Teaching Principles



Increase your power to learn and teach by using powerful principles easily available to you. The gospel plan is filled with helps and means for each person to become what God intended him or her to be. As you evaluate each principle in your own life, circle the number. At the point you feel you have mastered the principle, fill in the circle. That way you will always be directed to what you need to learn next.

  1. Use ordinary objects and common everyday events to illustrate spiritual principles.

  2. Metaphors and Comparisons stimulate visual imagination, which is an important key in remembering what we learn.

  3. Make it a habit to research and explore the meanings, histories, and origins of words and phrases.

  4. Because Jesus Christ is your advocate and not your critic, you can receive him with your bruises.

  5. Discover what you or your students know.

  6. Act on what is learned.

  7. Stories help us learn/teach gospel principles.

  8. By exercising faith in God and meeting challenges in everyday living we become what God intended us to be.

  9. When we show love, honor, and appreciation to our mothers, we enhance her life and enrich our own.

  10. Learning is an active process and requires responding in some way to what is being presented and experienced.

  11. Learning is a series of corrections. The guiding purpose of all learning is to discover truth or things as they are, and utilize that truth for the fulfillment of ourselves and others.

  12. Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith.

  13. Listen your prayers.

  14. When we show love, honor, and appreciation to our fathers, we enhance his life and enrich our own.

  15. We are being created through worship by the image of God.

  16. As you truly love others, you and they are able to share the value of each other's individual experiences. (When we add, God multiplies!)

  17. Receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and become strengthened in your callings and mission on earth.

  18. Forgiveness is a great learning principle essential to your unencumbered growth and development.

  19. Forgiving yourself is as important as forgiving others.

  20. Identify and make the major adjustments and changes you need to live a successful life.

  21. Taking care of IF & the importance of commitment.

  22. It is not what you do occasionally that makes the difference, but what you make a habit of doing.

  23. Be humble enough to be teachable, but filled with self-worth and confidence that a great eternal destiny awaits.

  24. The importance of play and recreation.

  25. Participation in testimony meetings and the importance of testimonies to self and others.

  26. The power of Desire - Study - Practice - Prayer to gain and continually strengthen your testimony and those you teach.

  27. If what you learn is to have value, it must be remembered. (The use of acronyms as memory helpers.)

  28. It is important to practice remembering.

  29. You can't give what you can't control. (The importance of self-discipline)

  30. Use it or lose it

  31. It is necessary to ask your way to eternal life.

  32. Remembering the Sabbath day and keeping it holy is vital to your learning and development, and promotes living a quality life.

  33. It is important to rest in the Lord's way and to realize fully that Jesus Christ is the keeper of the gate that opens the way to eternal life.

  34. Fear is a force that must be faced and defeated in order to win. (The security provided by God allows you to stretch and become everything that God intended you to be.)

  35. You are under God's watchful eye and tender care. (Your ups and downs are part of the learning and growing process.)

  36. Loving God and others helps you learn true gospel principles. (Tithing is part of being one with God and his children.)

  37. Your day to day interactions with others provide the lessons you need to learn in order to grow in the gospel.

  38. It is important to take control of your conscious mind. (Make life a joy by using your free agency to consciously choose to fill your mind with love for God and his children.)

  39. You need to again and again make the necessary decisions to solve the problems holding you back from the life you desire. (There is usually a direct relationship between Time-on-Task and what you accomplish.)

  40. The great plan of happiness involves acquiring the traits of Heavenly Father. Character traits gain in power as they are combined.

  41. Faith is a principle of action and power. By faith you learn the principles (cause and effect relationships) of the gospel.

  42. Love leads the way. Love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ draws you to them and therefore leads you to learn a little bit here and a little bit there, and with all of your learning continue to remain teachable (humble).

  43. Always trade up. You must be willing to give up what has lesser value for that which has greater value. You have to subtract in order to add.

  44. In this life, you are to learn more than facts; you are to learn feelings.

  45. You learn best, perform best, and grow to be your best when challenged and feel the appropriate tension, and yet be secure enough to experience an underlying sort of relaxation or peace.

  46. Throughout your trials and tribulations, you are surrounded with love and support from the Lord and the hosts of heaven. Regardless of your mistakes and misfortunes you must not quit.

  47. Whatever you think of yourself in comparison to others, it is important that you serve faithfully in the positions to which you are called to serve.

  48. Traditions are great teachers.

  49. Little things make a big difference.

  50. Your mind is much like a parachute; it works best when open.

  51. It is not what happens to you that counts; it is what you experience, and this is determined by what you believe to be true. (Love, empathy, and faith open powerful ways to learn from the experience of others.

  52. Celebrate the atonement of Jesus Christ and take time to contemplate its personal meaning to you, your loves ones, and the world. 


(Permission is given to copy the above for personal use)