Memory Principles

The Total Success Memory Principles Game is designed to boost your ability to learn and remember any subject. The game itself puts into play powerful learning and memory principles in a fun and interesting way to learn and remember 20 of the most powerful learning principles research has discovered so far. By learning and applying these principles you will dramatically boost your learning and memory power.

The playing board is composed of association pictures from 1 to 20.  The first ten pictures rhyme with the numbers 1 – 10.  The pictures from 11 – 20 were selected for a variety of other reasons.  The pictures become your pegs or filing system to help you memorize new information.  Beside the pictures in the spaces are twenty key learning and memory principles. 


Number one has the sun as the picture and the 80/20 principle is identified. It refers to the idea that not everything is of equal importance or effect. Not all information you come across has the same impact. Don’t try to remember everything. Select what has the most impact. If you consider everything to be of equal importance your brain will simply consider all of it as hardly worth bothering with. The right 20% of (efforts, actions, inputs,  …) produces 80% of the desired target & can lead to the “tipping point” that abruptly brings a goal within reach. To remember the 80/20 principle you might visualize the sun writing a to-do list with the heading 80/20 and asking, “What are the most important things for me to do today?” Associate the other principles and their pictures the same way.
Another way to remember a list is to group them in ways that help you remember.  You could group them in any way that makes sense to you or is logical or uses a mnemonic like having the first letter of each item make up a word or sentence.  This is what I did when I determined the order of the memory principles for this game. The first item in any list is the easiest to remember so I put the 80/20 principle there.  The first letters of the next items result in I AM SAM (easy to remember) POS (I’m sure) RCI (Letters representing a time share program) and FRAFCVO (That I am calling a very strange animal.)
How the Game is Played  
Decide if you want to play alone or with others.  If with others, do you want to play as a single team or as separate players competing with one another. It is up to you.
Roll three dice.  Using any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division you need to come up with a one using all three dice in order to place your marker on the first square.  If unsuccessful, simply roll again.  If playing in competition, the other player gets a turn before you get another chance.  You move from one square to the next by working out the right number for that square.  (Note: For squares 11 – 20 only the digit in the ones place is necessary- one for 11, two for 12, etc.)  Review the memory principle as you reach each square and associate it with the picture.  Anytime you roll a double (2 dice the same) you are challenged to recall correctly all the squares up to and including the square you are on.  It does not have to be a complete explanation.  A key word will do.  If unsuccessful, player must move back a square. 
Game continues until the players or team wins by reaching the last square and takes a victory lap by successfully recalling all the squares correctly.