Ancient Egyptians played this game.  Romans wiled away the time with it.  Vikings used to carve the board on their decks and even Shakespeare mentions it!  Here's how you can play it.

Use the Game Board.  2 players.  Each player gets 9 counters or men of a different color or shape.  Checkers work really well, but you could also use pennies with one player using heads and the other player tails, or buttons, etc.  Each turn, put one of your men on any corner or intersection (all your own or in combination with one or more of your opponent's men) on the board.  Whenever a player gets 3 men in a consecutive row on a line in any direction, he creates a "mill" and can take one of his opponent's men off the board.  He may not, however, take one of his opponent's men from an established "mill."  When all of your men have been placed, you can move any of your counters from one point to another on your turn.  You win the game whenever you capture 7 of your opponent's counters or block him so he can't move.  When a player has only 3 men left, he is given a boost by being able to move any of his men to any empty space each turn.  But he must be careful.  If he loses one more man, he loses the game.


Nine Men's Morris Game Board