Overview - WINNER Personal Success Organizer


The Winner Personal Success Organizer is complete time management and life planning tool that can dramatically increase your quality of life and success. It is designed to pull together all of the principles and resources needed for optimum planning into one place so you can truly focus on what is important. Each section clearly teaches what you need to know to be successful in that area and includes forms that lead you step-by-step to full mastery. The Winner is especially designed for people with families and who want each member of their family to reach their fullest potential.


Fifteen Minutes Planning and Thinking Time with the WINNER Day Pages

Fifteen minutes of planning and thinking time near the end of the clay in preparation for tomorrow, or first thing in the morning before you start the day, will launch you and each member of your family on a voyage of success. Can you imagine a ship setting sail without a destined port and a detailed plan and map of how to get there? With a little planning, each day becomes better as you take time to decide what is important to you, and how to make those things happen.

Each of the following are sections of the Winner Personal Success Organizer, but are also available as packets for those people who want to upgrade, but still use, their current time planner.

Winner Day Pages are great because they:

Provide a whole year of daily planning pages using the latest in effective time management 

Are never outdated  -- Start anytime -- They are always good for an entire year -- No waste 

Can be used by all members of your family, even school-age children 

Develop 52 key character traits important for success 

Can increase the effectiveness of all personal development programs you may wish to use 

When used with other parts of the Winner Personal Success Organizer, Winner Day Pages can dramatically increase learning ability, improve memory retention, and boost scholastic achievement. 


Included in your Winner or available as a separate packet


Your Day Pages Section or Packet includes: 

Theme or notes for the day

Prioritized daily task lists

Daily appointment schedules

Daily record of events (journal)

Task tracking system

Daily expense record

Monthly write-on calendars

Year-at-a-Glance strips.

Introduction to Winner Day Pages



Writing Your Mission Statement
Determining Your Values & Reaching Your Goals

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.  (Goethe) Writing a mission statement is one of the most important things you will ever do. It is like a map to your own Goal Mine where you can find everything that can truly make your life successful.

This section of your Winner teaches you and your family how to discover and write a mission statement for your family and individual mission statements for each member that can be powerful forces to achieve the life you and your family desire. It also teaches you how to identify your values and goals for every major area of your life: Family, Social, Physical, Spiritual, Career/Financial, and Talent/Mental. Mission sheets, value sheets, goal pages, to-do lists, and goal planner forms makes each step clear, easy, and fun!


Included in your Winner or available as a separate packet



Reaching Fulfillment in Your Roles & Relationships

Roles and relationships make up some of our greatest treasures. It is well known that success in almost any endeavor is due more to people skills and positive relationships with others than any other factor. Beyond that, our enjoyment of life and sense of real purpose comes from meaningful relationships with others. Your Roles & Relationships section will help you enhance the lives of everyone who is significant to you.


Included in your Winner or available as a separate packet



Success Habit Planner

Habits are your rockets to success. It has been said that first you make your habits, and then your habits make you. Just like a rocket, each habit takes some careful planning so it can take off in the right direction. It doesn't help much if your rockets carry you in random directions. In fact, it might be disastrous! And yet, most people today have a mix of untargeted habits, some going one way and others going the opposite.

Discover the habits that can propel you and everyone in your family to victory.  The life of one our nation's founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, is a good example. Franklin made a decision early in life to be great, and then worked out a simple, personal program to acquire the habits he would need. He faithfully used it to great advantage throughout his life, and it became one of his greatest inventions. It took only a few minutes each day, but its power was tremendous. At Learning Success, we have added even further power to Franklin's system by including several key concepts that will help you and members of your family learn and apply your own desired success patterns. This fun, powerful program takes only two or three minutes a day, and you should see dramatic results within the first week.


Included in your Winner or available as a separate packet



Projects - Getting Things Done

It is a great feeling to get things done in a timely and orderly way. Success is the result of getting everything accomplished that needs to be accomplished. We often know what needs to be done. We just need to do it.  Your Projects section teaches you basic, powerful principles of how to get things done and includes to-do lists, assignment planners, things needed forms, and project planners.


Included in your Winner or available as a separate packet



Using Your Program Section to Develop Unlimited Abilities

The Winner as a whole is designed to increase your abilities. Its powerful learning and memory systems dramatically increase your ability to master and retain the facts, concepts, and skills you desire. The Program section ensures the mastery of those specific areas you decide are important to your success. Any source of information (books, articles, cassette programs, lectures, workshops, training sessions, classes) becomes more valuable because you can easily make whatever you learn part of your permanent memory. 


Included in your Winner or available as a separate packet



Developing Talents & Enjoying Your Interests

Some of life's greatest experiences involve developing and using our talents, and pursuing our interests. This is basically what is meant by self-actualization. Rollo May in Man's Search for Meaning claims:

To the extent we "... fulfill our potentialities as persons, we experience the highest joy to which the human being is heir."

William James, the great American psychologist, wrote that each of us has:

"... capacities clamoring to be used which cease their clamor only when they are used sufficiently."

The following three statements, suggested by Maxwell Maltz, can have a powerful influence on you and everyone in your family. Repeat them often to each other.

You have tremendous hidden abilities, just waiting to be developed.

It is up to you to develop them.

The more abilities you develop, the more you will enjoy life.

Based on a survey of parents who have successfully raised highly talented children, the following actions by parents were shown to make the most difference:

  1. Expect greatness and show strong belief in your child's future.

  2. Be intensely involved in your child's growing capacities.

  3. Give early recognition and enthusiastic support in the developing talents and interests your child exhibits. You may not know what talents will emerge, but be on the lookout for those that do.

Benjamin Bloom coordinated extensive research and interviews of 120 immensely talented individuals in a wide range of fields (music, art, engineering, medicine, sports, etc.). In his book, Developing Talent in Young People, he concluded:

... unless there is a long and intensive process of encouragement, nurturance, education, and training, the individuals will not attain extreme levels of capability ...


Included in your Winner or available as a separate packet




Achieving Financial Success


Family Time Planner and Personal Co-Planning for Success


Increasing School Success