Parent Tools to Increase School Success




Class Planner

When you meet with your child’s teacher, this form will help you organize what is needed to help your child succeed with that teacher.

Personal Program for School Achievement

A report card usually provides almost no information as to what a child knows and needs to know next, nor does it explain activities or strategies to help him or her learn key objectives. Your child’s Personal Program for School Achievement gives you the means to collect that information as you work with your child’s teacher. Your child will begin to understand that learning is not just doing assignments; it is actually learning important concepts and skills.

Memory Squares

Use the memory squares to reinforce any skill or concept your child is having difficulty with. For example, if your child misses a math problem involving 8 x 7 = 56, write it in one of the squares so he or she can review it periodically until it is mastered and is part of your child’s permanent memory. Do the same with punctuation errors or misspelled words or any other important mistake. Think of it! If you could continually make weaknesses (mistakes) into opportunities to learn so they become strengths, how that would strengthen your child’s success power.

Learning Success Daily Assignment Sheets

School Information Request SchoolInformationRequest.pdf