By Mastering a Book

You may wish to join or start a Learning Success sponsored Personal Success Book Club. Send an email to indicating your interest. You might even start a Personal Success Book Club for your immediate family. Reading a good book together and sharing thoughts and insights that come up and then thinking of ways to apply what is learned is a very powerful, life-promoting, bonding experience.
Here is what you do. Choose a book you think can make a difference in your personal or family life. For example, let us assume you choose the book Create Your Own Future by Brian Tracy. Amazon has the neat feature of allowing you to search through most of their books online. This would allow you to review many books in a topic of your interest before choosing the most interesting one. Whatever book you choose, write a personalized list of the chapters on a Rolling to Win by Mastering a Book game sheet. For Create Your Own Future, you might write the following:
  1. Introduction: I Have No Limits.
  2. My Potential is Unlimited
  3. My Clarity is Critical
  4. My Knowledge is Power
  5. My Mastery is Magical
  6. My Attitude is Everything
  7. My Relationships are Essential
8.   My Money Matters
9.   I Am a Genius
10.   My Results Determine My Rewards
11.   I Need to Seize the Day
12.   My Character Counts
13.  Fortune Favors the Brave

You will also need several Memory Square Sheets.  As you read each chapter select one or more quotations, stories, ideas, or actions you feel has the most power and write them in one of the memory squares. For example, number the first square as 0 for the introduction and you might choose to write the following quotation by Peter Drucker: The very best way to predict the future is to create it. You could also choose to indicate one or two stories included in the introduction or even decide on an action like increasing your success expectations. Do the same for each chapter.

Each player should have his or her own game sheet. For this book, you are using the numbers 0 thru 12. Each chapter row has four squares labeled: Important Understand Started Habit. When a player claims a chapter, he or she should indicate this by marking one of the squares in that row that would correctly identify how the player is doing in implementing one or more of the main ideas in that chapter. If he or she agrees the idea is important, the Important box should be marked. If player fully understands the idea and how to implement it, the Understand box should be marked. If the player has actually started to implement the idea, the Started box should be marked. If the player has made it a habit to implement the idea as shown by consistently doing it for at least two consecutive weeks, the Habit box should be marked. This allows the game sheet to be an on-going program and progress sheet for the player. On a turn, player rolls the dice and by adding or subtracting them comes up with a number that allows him or her to claim a particular chapter. For example, player could role a 5 and a 2. That means player could add the dice and claim #7 (My Money Matters) or subtract the dice and claim #3 (My Knowledge is Power). First player to claim all 13 chapter ideas wins the game.  Next time the game is played, players could discuss progress made from the last time in implementing the chapter ideas and the benefits they have experienced.

If the book you choose has more than 12 chapters, go on to the second sheet and use 4 dice. On a turn, roll all four dice and using any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division come up with an equation to equal the target number. For example, if your target number is 17 and you roll 3 5 1 4, you could come up with the following equation: (3 x 4) + (5 x 1) = 17  If your target number was 25 and you rolled 2 4 3 6, you could do the following: (4 x 6) + (3 2) = 25

Memory Square Sheets
ROLLING TO WIN - By Mastering a Book Game Board