Use the WORD BUSTERS & Trail Blazers game boards to make completely fun Spelling games.  See how your spelling power takes off.  A fascinating game for 2 or more players or play it as solitaire.

OBJECT: Each player or team starts the game with 5 chips.  The winning player or team on each round receives one chip from each of the losers.  Players losing all of their chips are out of the game.  Player or team winning all of the chips or who has the most chips when time is called wins.

RULES When Using Word Busters Boards: First decide which game board is to be played on and place a mover anywhere on that track.  Play on the board goes to the right.  Roll one of the dice and move that number of places.  Whatever letter or letter pattern the mover lands on becomes the challenge for that round.  The first player or team to write a sentence with that letter pattern occurring the same number of times as shown by the die wins.  For example:  The letter pattern challenge is ay and the die shows 4.  You might win by writing, May I pay you my way with hay?

Players will soon find out that first writing a list of possible words to use in their sentence usually has best results.  Dictionaries may or may not be allowed as desired.

When Using Trail Blazers Boards: Play as above, but player is to use the model word landed on and then add words that have the some phonics structure for any others needed. For example, if the model word is sing, the phonics being modeled is ing. If the player rolled a 3, then a sentence could be: I will sing and ring a bell when it is Spring.

If players have significantly different ability levels, the game can be evened up by having players use different boards. A younger player may use board 1, while advanced players could use boards 2, 3, or 4.When playing this way, all players roll their own die at the same time, move their movers, and come up with their sentences. First to do so wins.

Played as Solitaire

The rules are the same except a one-minute timer is used and becomes the opposing player.  The timer has 5 chips and the player has 5 chips.  Whenever a sentence is not completed in one minute, the timer wins and receives a chip from the player.  The player or the timer wins the game whenever he or it winds up with all the chips.