Super Team Action-a-tor

The USANA compensation plan provides the opportunity to work together in super teams to multiply the success power of everyone involved. Get interested associates in the same line together to discuss the possibilities. It may be decided to have a special run for one or more months so members of the team can advance to Silver or Gold levels or higher. The team may decide to conduct Learning Success Family Fairs for Health, Wealth, and School Success on a long term basis. The possibilities are endless.
Notice the visual on the link below showing what happens when two or more associates combine efforts. For example, let us say seven associates worked together and each of them signed up two associates a month. With proper placement, that would mean every one of those seven associates would benefit from 14 new associates added to their common line. Does that excite you?
The Super-Team Action-a-tor form shows you how.

Time Period: Decide the length of time for you team run or project.
Vision: See the one written & then modify it if you wish.
Goal: What measurable results is the team committed to achieve during the time period specified.
Potential Super-Team members: Make a list of possible super team members. Put a check mark for each member who commits to participate.
Possible Contributions: Super team members should indicate how they will contribute. Other associates or supporters may contribute to the success of the team even if they decide not to be a fully involved team member.

The team should have a leader who gathers information & facilitates planning success efforts.

Super Team Action-a-tor Chart & Form