Table of Contents and Christmas Tradition & Activity List

The following is a list of traditions and activities that can bring the spirit of Christ into your Christmas.  As you read through the traditions and activities, I suggest you circle the numbers to those you want to establish in your home. Once you have integrated that tradition or activity in your home, then fill in the circle.

1.  Establish Traditions

2.  Start Christmas Season On Thanksgiving

3.  Read Scriptures at Particular Time Each Day

4.  Food, Family, and Friends

5.  Special Table Decorations

6.  Christmas Wall

7.  Special Ways to Wrap and Give Presents

8.  Book of Christmas Past

9.  Book of Christmas Present

10.  Book of Christmases Yet To Come

11.  A Quilt of Christmas Pasts

12.  Special Christmas Tree Ornaments

13.  Evening Christmas Stories

14.  Meanings of Decorations and Customs

15.  Audio-Visual Stories & Music

16.  Listen to Scriptures in the Car

17.  Reach Out to Others

18.  Uplift Others

19.  Christmas Letters

20.  Prepare and Send Special Tapes

21.  Have a Joyous Christmas Party

22.  Try This Experiment

23.  Service Without Payback

24.  Have Your Home Declare Christ

25.  Marking Height

26.  Make Your Front Door Special

27.  Cookies and Cake

28.  Cookie Pool

29.  Carol Other Houses

30.  Art Museums and Concerts

31.  The Spirit of Christmas

32.  Public Library

33.  Scripture Advent House

34.  A Light in the Window

35.  Christmas Theme for the Coming Year

36.  Christmas Tree Decorating Party

37.  Christmas Day Blessing of the Food

38.  A Carol Before Sleeping

39.  A Christmas Music Dance

40.  Lovely Thoughts Night

41.  Beautiful Thoughts and Scriptures Book

42.  Special Visit to an Inspirational Place

43.  Christmas Testimony Sharing

44.  Traditional Patriarch or Matriarch Address

45.  A Family Post Office

46.  A Room for Mary and Joseph

47.  Christmas Appreciation Diary

48.  Do Unto Others

49.  Sharing Time

50.  Pictures and Messages for Grandparents


  51.  A Birthday Cake for the Saviour

  52.  Christmas Poster Night

  53.  Attribute Socks

  54.  Be Ready to Concentrate On the Spirit

  55.  Plan to Keep Christmas Through the Year

  56.  Take Off Your Shoes

  57.  Dedicate Your House for Christmas Season

  58.  Set Your Life By Christ

  59.  Expand Your Circle

  60.  The Animals' Christmas

  61.  Behold the Beauty of the World

  62.  A Car Parade to Proclaim Christ's Birth

  63.  Extended Family Calendar

  64.  Awaken to Words of Joy

  65.  Special Christmas Morning Service

  66.  Memory Walks

  67.  Individual Scripture Readings

  68.  Christmas Action Chain

  69.  Throw Away Sorrows, Fears, and Troubles

  70.  Walk Where Jesus Walked

  71.  Kris Kringle and the True Santa Claus

  72.  A Quiet Day of Reflection

  73.  Christmas Card Album

  74.  Christmas Trees Through the Mail

  75.  Sighting the First Star

  76.  Silent Night, Holy Night

  77.  Christmas Season Fast

  78.  See the Lights

  79.  Christmas Treasure Box

  80.  Christmas Alphabet

  81.  Christmas is a Time

  82.  Display Reminders of Powerful Stories

  83.  A Bed for Baby Jesus

  84.  A Christmas Basket

  85.  Discover Your Special Gifts and Give Them

  86.  A Special "Merry" Day

  87.  Festival of Lights

  88.  Loved Ones From the Past

  89.  Winter Solstice

  90.  Candy Wreath

  91.  Twelve Days of Christmas Stockings

  92.  Baby's First Christmas

  93.  Collect and Memorize Christmas Songs

  94.  A Christmas Toast

  95.  Spirit of Christmas Past

  96.  Table Cloth Christmas Story

  97.  Take Time to Build Fun Memories

  98.  Gingerbread Houses

  99.  As Jesus Would See You

  100.  New Year's Mission, Goals, and Covenants