Ten Steps to a Successful USANA Presentation

by Brent Evans

People need to understand and process how USANA nutritional products and compensation plan can help them fulfill their most important goals of wealth, health, and yearnings. To be a successful USANA associate, you need to be able to give a powerful and motivating USANA presentation. To help you do this, play the Ten Steps to a Successful USANA Presentation Total Success Memory Game. The game will enable you to memorize the ten steps.  After the steps have been memorized, use the checklist (see link below) so you can develop each part of the presentation and check them off as they are mastered. Also, there is a link concerning preparation for presentations.

How the Game is Played

Use 3 dice. Decide if you want to play alone or with others. If with others, do you want to play as a single team or as separate players in competition with each other? It is up to you.

Roll the three dice. Using all three dice and any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division you need to come up with a one in order to place your marker on the first space. For example: (5 4) x 1 = 1.  If unsuccessful, simply roll again. If playing in competition, the other player gets a turn before you get another chance.  You move from one space to the next by working out the right number for that space. Review the success idea as you reach each space and associate it with the picture to help you memorize it.  Anytime you roll a double (2 dice the same) you are challenged to recall correctly all the success ideas up to and including the space you are on.  It does not have to be a complete explanation.  A key word or phrase will do. The heading (in bold) for each space contains the main idea. If unsuccessful, player must move back a space. 

Game continues until the players or team wins by reaching the last space and takes a victory lap by successfully recalling all the success ideas correctly.

Ten Steps to a Successful USANA Presentation - Gameboard
Ten Steps to a Successful USANA Presentation - Checklist
Ten Steps to a Successful USANA Presentation - Preparation