True Health Pyramid and Game


Do you want to improve your health? Then this game will help. Take a look at the True Health Pyramid we have designed. Notice at the bottom of the pyramid there are certain reasons your health could be going down the drain. For true health, it is vital you stop those things in your life. For each item, write O.K. if this is not a problem with your current situation. Write DANGER if it is a problem.

Next going up the pyramid is your desire and willingness to constantly follow good health principles. How committed are you to true health?

Going further up the pyramid you find other daily actions important to your health and to the right the number of servings of water and foods recommended. The top of the pyramid is joy which is a result of true health and living your life in a fulfilling way.

To make this into a game you can play by yourself, print out six pyramids. Each day for 3 days record on a pyramid your actual actions. For example, did you have 3 or more servings of fruit that day? Write the date on each pyramid. Now, take time to evaluate your health habits and decide how you can improve. Then take 3 days to try your new, improved health practices. Record your actual actions and date the pyramids. Did you improve during the second three days? If so, did you experience any health benefits? Continue improving your health habits and monitoring how you feel.

If playing this game as a family or other group, have each member follow the instructions above. The advantage of playing with others is the opportunity to share goals, problems, actions, and results while supporting each otherís efforts. At the end, celebrate in a way meaningful to your family or group.

True Health Pyramid