Ways to Use Your Encyclopedia to Boost Knowledge Intelligence


Display the books so they can be easily reached.

Browse through the books with your children. Enjoy the pictures and as interest is aroused, take time to read the first part of the related article. That will give basic information that can well increase your child's interest in learning more. According to that interest, read and discuss more. Later, refer back to what was learned and perhaps take more time reading and learning.

Encourage questions and help your child follow up on those questions by referring to your encyclopedia. Each question can be the doorway to new areas of knowledge and understanding.

An encyclopedia  helps your child learn how knowledge is organized and how each subject relates to other subjects.

Identify weekly or monthly topics of interest and use your encyclopedia to learn about them.

Use your encyclopedia to develop or extend your child's reading ability.

Help your child become aware of and appreciate great literature and authors.  Read about great authors and then read excerpts from their best writings..

Use your encyclopedia for school reports and assignments. Each article and topic is clearly organized to further understanding.

Build vocabulary by learning the words associated with interesting articles or topics.

Use your encyclopedia to develop positive character traits by reading excerpts of great literature and biographies of famous people.

Help your child learn about different occupations and professions, their specialized vocabulary, and fields of interest.

Introduce your child to a tremendous variety of hobbies and crafts with numerous hands-on activities and projects.