Personal Training and Workshop Overview:

Learning Strategies & Connecting
with Success Opportunities

Using Powerful Learning Strategies & Support Systems to Boost Success


Learn how to teach powerful learning strategies and memory tricks that can dramatically increase anyone's learning rate. Become aware of key parent and teacher habits that encourage children to become their best. Be able to identify strengths and talents while pinpointing key skill needs and finding fun ways to strengthen them. Find out how to analyze children's homework and study strategies and introduce ways to learn twice as much in half the time. Discover how parents and teachers can become full and synergistic partners in boosting each child's success.


1. Learning Strategies and Connecting with Success Opportunities is 25% of the Success Equation.

Multiplication Effect - How improving any one part of the success equation boosts the impact of all. Multiplication effect

Compound Learning Rate What 5% increase can do over time

Meritocracy - The Relationship Between Learning and Earning

2. Key Learning Strategies (a one year program)

3. Key Parent Habits & the Power of the Family (a one year program)

4. Importance of a Personal Active Learning System Establishing continuing self-propelled learning cycles connecting to powerful support systems



Community Organizations



5. Plus Characteristics to Look For

Plus Characteristics of an Active Learner

Plus Characteristics of a Responsive School

Plus Characteristics of a Supportive Home

6. Memory Systems & Getting the Most out of them

Static vs. Dynamic, Map Oriented, System Connected vs. Inert.

Use of Well-Practiced Mnemonics

7. Memory Strategies, Tricks, and Games

8. Think & Go Game

Learn Anything You Need

Whole Family Can Play with Individual Learning Targets

Teaches Basic Memory Principles

9. Study Buddy System of Recycling Learning Needs & Transforming Weaknesses into Strengths

10. Power Study Boosters.

Basic Principles and Tools

Potential Values of Homework

How to Avoid Possible Damages of Inappropriate Homework

11. Getting the Most out of School

School/Home Partner Relationship (multiplication effect)

How to Conference

Forms and Their Purpose

Learning Strategy Probe

Personal Program for School Achievement

Career Personal Program

Multiple Intelligences and Knowledge Intelligence

Request for Information

Learning Opportunity Information Request

Grade Check Request

Daily Assignment Sheet

School/Home Communication Sheets

Strengths & Weaknesses Sheets

Class Planner

Study Planners

Daily Study Time Plan

Win Notes

12. Connecting Learning Strategies with a Time Management System

13. Connecting Learning Strategies with Personal Learning Records & School Success Reading, Writing, and Math games and activities

14. Taking Advantage of Your Own Einstein Factor

Image Streaming

Controlling Your Squelcher

Super Mind

Neuron connections

Subconscious Imagery (daydreaming and nightdreaming)

Get More of What you Reinforce

Free Association

Writing Only about 1% use effectively as a learning tool

Edison 3 million pages.

15. Reference Skills & Using the Library

16. Using Computers & the Web

17. Special Needs

The Concept of Learning Disabilities

Screening & the IEP

Co-Planning for Students with Special Needs

18. The Importance of Standardized Tests

How to Help Your Child Prepare for Standardized Tests

How to Take Advantage of the Results