Personal Training and Workshop Overview:

Math Skills for School Success

Boosting Math Success with Fun Games


This workshop is designed for parents, teachers, and tutors and will give them the understanding and tools needed to follow the progress and ensure the math success of their children from pre-school thru the 8th grade. It will cover the why and how of key interactions and parent and teacher habits that promote math achievement. A math skills continuum will be be provided along with a record system so each child's progress can be monitored and nurtured as he or she progresses from grade to grade.

This means your child will never miss out on an important skill. Hundreds of instant games will be introduced pinpointed to all the specific skills your child will need. Whatever math concepts or  skills your child will need up to the 8th grade, you will always have immediate access to games that can develop those specific skills. As a bonus, participants will have the opportunity to learn over one hundred fun math tricks and strategies to give a powerful and instant boost to math ability. As a child learns trick after trick, he or she soon develops the great feeling that if you learn enough tricks you can become a genius in math. And of course, that's right!