Personal Training and Workshop Overview:

Physical Fitness, Health & Well-being

Health, Strength, and Energy to Live Life to the Fullest from Childhood Throughout Life

A key question on the road to life success is who is in charge?  Me or my body?  If it is you, then all the principles of success can be learned and applied to achieve whatever goals you select.  If it is your body, then you will be a slave to immediate gratification and you won't be able to open some of the doors to real success.  If you are in charge, you can live an average of 7 to 10 years longer with good health by following some basic health principles involving good nutrition, regular exercise and activity, and a positive attitude.  Even if at some point you become sick or disabled, if you are in charge, you will have the power to appreciate what there is and do what you can do.  But even more is at stake.  If you are in charge, you can learn and apply all of the principles and laws of success in every area of your life.


  • The Gift of Life. Each person can greatly increase his or her probability of a longer life (7 to 14+ years added) free from degenerative disease (80% of degenerative disease is preventable).

  • The Importance of Why. Wealth – Health – Yearnings.

  • You can teach your children anything you clearly model, understand and consider important.

  • What happens at home during a child’s upbringing can determine his or her health through life.

  • Powerful tools can leverage your success in promoting health and physical fitness.

  • Your family deserves the best tools and information on developing optimum health and physical fitness research can provide.

  • The best system, for developing the Gift of Life, is organized and continuous.

  • Slight modifications of common, everyday habits and activities can result in constant health improvement.

  • Acquiring key habits can increase health and physical fitness dramatically.

  • Games can create ideal learning conditions and challenges to build physical skills and understandings.

  • Grandparents and other relatives can play an important and satisfying role in developing the success of your family.

  • Join with other interested parents and support each other's efforts.

  • To make the greatest difference in your own life and that of your children, you need to start now.


  • Web Site:

  • Steps to True Health Total Success Memory Game

  • 52 Key Habits for True Health and Physical Fitness with Positive Practice Program

  • The No Will Power Procrastination Way to Attain & Maintain Your Desired Weight

  • Over 350 Games and Activities to Develop:

Good Nutrition
Body and Directional Awareness
Visual and Fine Motor Control
Balance and Coordination
Strength, Energy, and Endurance

Running and Jumping
Throwing and Catching
Sports Skill Development
Party and Indoor Games
Rhythm and Dance


  • Model What You Want Your Children to Do

  • Know What You Need to Teach.

  • Assess Individual and Family Needs.

  • Make it a Habit to Purposely Develop Each Area of health and physical fitness

  • Identify and Correct or Support Any Weak Areas

  • Set Up a Teaching/Learning Wall or Bulletin Board

  • Schedule Weekly Family Activity Times

  • Encourage each family member and challenge them to be the best they can be

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