Personal Training and Workshop Overview:

Spiritual Fitness and Well-being

Finding and Achieving Meaning, Vision, and Value in Life

This aspect of life is of basic importance to a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Many individuals pursue this by being an active member of an organized church or religion. Others have developed their own personal religious or non-religious ways. There are a number of general principles that have proved significant in almost all religions and philosophies in all parts of the world and in all periods of time. This has resulted in a great treasure house from which to choose and apply in your own life. We have gathered and developed some of the best from virtually all religions and philosophies from around the world.  As parents, it is important to teach our children how to find meaning, vision, and value in their own lives. 


  • The importance of Spiritual Power is recognized now more than ever before both by those who consider themselves religious as well as those who profess no religion. (Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention; Peter Senge, Presence) The need for spiritual power and understanding is clearly seen in all areas of life.
  • Spirituality has been taught by many religions and philosophers throughout history and in all parts of the world. Their teachings are remarkably complimentary and valuable. We can learn from all.
  • A child’s experiences at home can greatly influence whether he or she will benefit from spirituality through life.
  • Powerful concepts and teaching/learning ideas can leverage your success in promoting spirituality in your own life and everyone in your family.
  • Your family deserves the best tools and information on developing optimum spirituality research can provide.
  • The best system for developing spirituality is organized and continuous.
  • Slight modifications of common, everyday habits and activities can result in constant increases in spirituality. .
  • Traditions, habits, activities, and games can be enjoyable and fun ways to develop and strengthen spirituality.
  • Grandparents and other relatives can play an important and satisfying role in developing the spirituality of your family.
  • To make the greatest difference in your own life and that of your children, you need to start now.


  • Web Site:

  • Spiritual Boosters  Total Success Memory Game by Brent Evans

  • Spiritual Boosters: 52 Powerful Learning and Teaching Methods to Increase Your Progress Toward Spiritual Perfection Throughout the Year by Brent Evans (also includes 52 Visualizations that cultivate your mind with beautiful pictures and images stimulating spiritual growth and 100+ inspirational scriptures, quotations, and poems)

  • Celebrating the Spirit of Christ through Christmas Traditions by Brent Evans (includes 100 different traditions or activities, many of which could be used throughout the year)

  • The Importance of Rest and Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy by Brent Evans

  • 100 Ways to Celebrate the Sabbath and Other Spiritual Times by Brent Evans

  • Safeguarding Your Mind and Heart by Brent Evans

  • Doing the Best You Can With What You Have (The teaching of the Quetzal Bird)


  • Model What You Want Your Children to Do

  • Know What You Need to Teach

  • Make it a Habit to Purposely Develop Each Area of Spirituality

  • Identify and Support Any Weak Areas

  • Set Up a Teaching/Learning Wall or Bulletin Board

  • Schedule Weekly Family Activity Times

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