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Why and How Positive Character Traits are Important to Your Success:

Character originally meant a distinguishing mark. As letters of the alphabet and other marks that stood for things were invented, they were referred to as characters. But the word character can also refer to qualities within us: our character. As we develop each desired character trait, such as honesty and courage, we are developing our character. Just as letters of the alphabet when combined become the basis of a beautiful and powerful language, so each character trait combines with others to produce a beautiful and powerful person. Much of a person’s success in achieving important goals in life is directly connected to character traits. It is at least equal in power to any other area of intelligence, and it magnifies whatever other abilities one might have. Whether we are talking about academic success in school, occupational success out of school, family success, or success in life in any area, character traits play a major role. It is interesting and magnificent that the 52 character traits introduced in Character Boosters have been talked and written about by great people all over the world and throughout thousands of years of history. They have certainly stood the test of time. To feel the importance of each of them and how they work together for the good and successful life, pick any five at random and consider what effects their lack would have on a person.


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